Chicken Wing Stick Suppliers



Chicken Wing Stick Suppliers

Chicken Wing Stick is broken down from a Whole Chicken Wing and consists of a Chicken Wing with the adhering skin and meat attached, except that the Drumette (first segment) has been removed. Wing Stick is available all year long. The Chicken Wing Stick may consist of the second segment only (the Chicken Wing Mid Joint) or the second and third segments, where the third segment is the Chicken Wing Tip.

1-Appearance – homogeneous crushed mass
2-Color – from light pink to dark red
3-Smell – typical, free of foreign odors
4-Moisture – not more than 68%
5-Fat content – not more than 20%
6-Fat content – not more than 20%
7-Mass fraction of bone nodules – not more than 0.6%
8-Calcium – not more than 0.3 %
9-Size of bone nodules – not more than 0.5 mm
10-Freezing type BQF
11-Storage conditions -18C and lower
12- Shelf life 12 months

13-Certification HALAL, ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000:2010


White skin, No broken bones, Outer yellow skin off, Well cleaned and fresh, No bruises, No black pads or ammonia burns, No bad smells, No excessive blood or blood stains
Moisture content is less than 3%
No excess water

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