Frozen Chicken Suppliers

Frozen Chicken Suppliers for global marketing. Hong Kong,China and UAE Shipping .Our whole frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic (HALAL) and international requirements.

Frozen Chicken Specifications:

Feather off,well cleaned and fresh,no bruises,no black pads or ammonia burns,no bad smells,no excessive blood or blood stains,moisture content is less than 3%.

INSPECTION: S.G.S Inspection for Quality & Quantity at Seller’s Cost

Documents provided after shipping:

1.One set signed invoice and packing list
2.Full set of clean shipped on board ocean bill of lading
3.Certificate of origin .
4.SGS inspection report.
6.Health Certificate and much more.

Several options:
We can supply various Frozen Chicken cuts such as; frozen whole chicken,frozen chicken feet,frozen chicken Paws,frozen chicken breast, frozen chicken thighs,frozen chicken drumstick,frozen chicken leg quartars,frozen chicken wings,frozen mid joint chicken

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