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A few links of power chain have come off the brackets on my braces. Any tips please? The loose chain links are quite annoying and obviously not doing any good as they are. The best option is to call the office and stop in for a quick visit to get them to put the chain back on. If you want to try it yourself, got a clean pair of tweezers and pull each loop over a bracket.

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In other words, don't up unless you plan to actively participate in the message board immediately. Post Reply.

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Quote 4 Post by Huggypillow » Sat Jan 28, pm Thanks for the replies, my resoning was perhaps he left it off that tooth, or if he didnt and it came off does that mean that i wont have any movement. Definitely don't go attaching stuff on your own without asking. After the powerchain has been on for some time, they start to lose their power.

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Good luck! This is the place to post general questions and comments about all areas of orthodontic treatment. Should i hook it on with tweezers???? Please only post photos of your teeth, not your whole face.

How we get hooked and how we get unhooked

When you call on Monday and if they say to put it back on, you can use a tweezer or toothpick and just loop it around the bracket. Would my orthodontist have left it off that one tooth for any reason due to one elastic being on that side????? Quote 6 Post by Huggypillow » Sun Jan 29, am Hey snowglobe, Yes pc is on top of my wire im thinking your right with it perhaps coming off somehow, after thinking today i have become a bit more adventurous with food ove the last few weks. Has anyone heard of an ortho skipping a tooth?????

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Of course, you can read most forums on the board without registering. The best thing to do is to call your doctor and see if you can pop in to have it put back on. Thank you. If you are able to loop it back onto the hook, that will save you a trip to the doctor. Quote 2 Post by sirwired » Sat Jan 28, am Call your orthodontist's office and ask.

Quote 3 Post by Snowglobe32 » Sat Jan 28, pm Sounds to me like it just came off the bracket possible by the elastics. Has anyone had their ortho leave one tooth unhooked before?????

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However, be careful that the tweezers do not cut the power chain, as this will cause it to separate into two pieces, and with the 2nd premolar being one of the terminal ends of the chain, it may cause it to rotate. Due to the direction of the hook and the lack of tie wings on a molar bracket, when going from the 2nd molar to the 1st molar to the 2nd premolar, the one most likely to come off is the one on the first molar. Quote 1 Post by Huggypillow » Fri Jan 27, pm Ok so while putting my elastic on the 1 st molar i noticed that the powerchain is not hooked onto that tooth, but it is hooked to the second molar.

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Moderator: bbsadmin. I assume your pc is on top of the wire, is that correct?

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Found power chain unhooked, what to do????? The powerchain is hooked on the right side on all the molars.

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We have had problems with people re-posting members' photos on fetish websites. I agree with the posters Contact DrJasonKTam. A message board for adults and older teens in dental braces or retainers, or who may undergo jaw surgery.

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Just like elastics, liquids and chewing stretch out the chain. Quote 5 Post by Snowglobe32 » Sat Jan 28, pm I have never heard of an ortho skipping a tooth when it comes to a powerchain. Metal Mouth Message Board A message board for adults and older teens in dental braces or retainers, or who may undergo jaw surgery.

It can easily be attached but of course, call your ortho first.

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I wouldn't worry about it being off for a few days; it won't hurt anything. This is necessary to keep out spammers and lurkers with bad intentions. Keep your and your personal information private.

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I only noticed it last night and i didnt look that close to notice after my last adjustment. Still it shouldn't be a force so great to cause much of a problem.

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Re: Found power chain unhooked, what to do?????