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I seeking chica that Nurse shaving pubic area footjob

Reasons for shaving before delivery. Pregnancy labor shave of the perineum before delivery is usually a topic for debate.

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Hello everyone, Im interested in hearing your experiences if you've had to get your pubic area shaved by a nurse of the opposite sex as yourself.

Age: 45
What is my ethnicity: Colombian
Tint of my iris: I’ve got dark gray eyes
What is the color of my hair: Dark-haired
My body type: My figure type is quite overweight
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When I awoke they kept asking if wanted my legs shaved and got narky when ever I aid not on multiply occasions as the last thing I wanted was shaver rash and nicks out of my skin which I was left with in other intimate paces. You are correct in saying that any other parts of the body should have been discussed with you or your next of kin. I got rushed into hospital around first week April - 4 months later, I was discharged.

We have no idea what are the new parameters for normal. No I found out when I was awake. Also as I have already stated I was fully awake and conscious and this was during my recovery period a day or 2 before being starting physio. When you Nurse shaving pubic area out of your comma had parts of your body been shaved such as your privates, bottom, armpits and lower back?

I now believe that this was a drug induced moment of intense paranoia- whilst it is obvious that you had been shaved - is it possible that the conversation you remember so vividly, was a fabrication of your mind? I have a fully copy of my notes and nothing is recorded. When I could talk the nurses in question I said by the way the scar is an E her mouth dropped open and she walked off all sheepish. Maybe when you were in the coma you were incontinent of faeces, the nurses may have shaved you to enable hygienic cleaning of the genital area, as the catheter would only have been for urine only.

There is no good reason to shave anyone the way you said you were shaved unless for catheterising which shaving isn't usually needed, and putting in access lines to set up drips, monitoring lines, etc.

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Maybe you were shaved to enable catheter? If you are worried about your hair loss, talk to doctors.

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Why are people finding it ok to personally insult someone because they do not agree with them or they question? Also why they shaved there and not the back of my head when I had to have it cut off as they never brushed my hair and left it all cob up. They didn't do that. I had 3 drains in my neck and only the bare minimum was shaved. There is nothing written in my notes? Today I feel well. Critical illness has debilitating effects on many people and having read through the string of posts I just wanted to resure you that many of your thoughts and feelings are normal.

I had a FMS in place. Next memory was people looking at my double toe - I've 2 toes ed together but not understanding why, could feel being rolled about. Firstly surviving critical care is both physically and psychologically harrowing. And my skin since waking from coma is extremely dry and flakey. I tried to treat myself well.


First 2 days in ICU was hallucinating so imagined things knew people were talking to me but didn't know what. In regards to me being cut whilst it was done all I got was sorry it was an accident. As for the comments I'm not saying that didn't happen either I just know for myself I thought that one nurse was yelling and being mean and my friend told me later she wasn't she was just talking loud.

Ask your ITU discharge nurse. What I can suggest is that you visit the ICU you were in, ring ahead and make an appointment so got plenty of time to discuss your concerns - write them down. I'm somewhat confused by your story as it tells of being in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks due to sepsis and then discovering you had been shaved, now you say you were awake? Surely it is something that should have been written down as technically you are altering someone?

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Nothing helps it! I believe that some of your fears could be related to your past as I have seen this before. I suggest you get some counselling, lot of us do as what we go through is traumatic and particularly in light of your past experience thoughts can be retriggered. Did we both imaging that then! Not that I recall, but I spent 3 months convinced I was dead so a shaved bush would not have registered. The shaving episode would be in the care notes not the Drs notes so recheck notes you've got.

I had a great talk with them and it made me feel really good.


No I was wide awake of sedation and paralysis for days and having clear conversations with my partner. I don't mean to be personal here but it is killing me not knowing. This is really bugging me as I hate the fact if they did shave me which provides no health benefit to the patient without even asking for my partners consent. Improved my diet, regular exercise etc etc. Sorry referring to being awake was meant due to the nurses comments.

I'm not saying what you didn't hear was real but I thought a lot of things that happened actually didn't. What gets to me is they did this but did not brush my hair or cut it when I asked as they Nurse shaving pubic area it get so bad it was all knotted and had to be cut out by my partner but shaving me was ok. Reason being is I had a lot of memories I had to sort out that were real and not. I went back to the icu unit i was in first as I was traanfwreed hospitals and they were so happy to see me and I realized that likely a lot was the drugs and delusions.

I was in a medically induced comma from sepsis and many other issues for over 2 weeks. Sepsur yes each to they're own however it is more the grazes I was left with that concerns me. I was in ICU for 3 months, 2 in an induced coma and a further month waking up to the new reality. I have been a nurse in intensive care for over 30 years and have had the opportunity to talk to many patients and relatives.

Often the traumatic experience you have just gone through triggers emotional distress. Have you asked them about any of this? It can take a long time to recover from the emotional effect of being so ill, try to find some peace and I hope you find the answers you are seeking.

Also when I asked no one answers me. Take your husband with you for support.

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It's very common also to suffer from paranoia in icu, I was convinced the doctors, nurses and my family were trying to kill me. Even if it was done later on for a catheter reason there is no reason to have shaved it completely r even to shave under my arms as there was no lines out in there there were put in my neck. I have come on this site for help not to be called a lier, I will ask admin to delete my question as comment here are making me feel worse.

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No I was awake I had the catheter put in before I was put under and I was fully aware. Yes I asked about being shaved as it upset me due to my sexual and physical abuse past. Maybe is a hygiene thing for men? When I ask about it im ignored.

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IN regards to the hairiest comment the male nurse admitted it to my partner when questioned and apologised to him but not me, never saw him again. I was an ICU Nurse for 14 years and annoys me if nurses were talking about you the way you say they were. If it was not shaved did it all just fall out but nowhere else such as my legs and arms? My catheter was put in when I was in A and E and it was not done there.

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First i'm a woman lol. I experienced a plethora of odd moments. Unfortunately some do talk about the boyfriend, etc but rarely ICU nurses. As I have ly said I was fully conscious I just could not talk. I have listened to many s of the experiences they have shared. Not handfuls but more than I ever shed prior to coma! Are you sure you were shaved?

I'm ok and survived and that s my greatest focus. The nurse in charge of the ward apologised but the nurses in question wouldn't. I found out why it was done and it was because the nurse thought i would 'like it' as I am a women so there was no medical reason for it.

Also there was no line anywhere near there, they were in my arms, neck, chest, legs and feet.

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Hi sorry for the delay in replying. That seems odd in my experience both as a patient and from working in hospitals we wouldn't shave someone unless they asked or unless it was necessary for surgery. I would also like to clarify that when I was awake but unable to talk properly as it took me over a week to even be understood basic words fully conscious nurses were making fun of me when washing, even commenting and debating what they thought the scars I have even arguing what letter it was on my thigh.

We would also shave the anal area to place the feacal management system for a better seal. Lots of love you just yo clarify Iys not like I don't believe what you are saying cause obviously there's proof that u were shaved so I would go back and find some answers.

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It's all so confusing. No they shaved it all and cut me. Just asked husband, he said not that he recalls. Please don't call me a lier! I also had a nurse who had a tantrum, called me lazy and capable of doing it and stormed off after having a go and shouting at me in front of the ward sister as he couldn't be bothered to use the hoist when I needed it even though it was in my notes and all nurses had been told by the consultant my partner was there also I was unable to move unassisted at the time.

If I am concerned by anything, I contact doctor. The areas I was shaved had nothing to do with test or treatments. Also my partner was there everyday 3 times a day surely they should have asked or at least told him. Still unsure about privates though apart from to insert catheter. A nurse was even commenting and I quote she is the hairiest women i've ever shaved im not that hairy im just comfortable how I am if you know what I mean.