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That said, Tiger Army was the gateway drug that led me to discover a ton of great psychobilly bands and horror bands over the past 15 year. All I can remember about this interview was that it was like pulling teeth.

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Gay City News.

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The tour has been a lot of fun. Afterall, these were the kind of rules that he got into music to break in the first place.

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Photo: Travis Shinn. Singer-songwriter Nick 13 has never really taken kindly to others inferring what direction his musical output should go in. More from our Sister Sites.

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Certainly, I was influenced by some of the things I learned during the time I was playing solo. Schneps Podcasts.

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Or what they wanted, for that matter. Brooklyn Paper.

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After years of fronting the popular punk-meets-psychobilly band, Tiger Army, the tender voiced rocker threw fans for a loop, back inby releasing his very first solo album that had much more in common with Hank Williams than it did the Cramps. Which of them that might pop up as something I want to draw upon at that time could really be anything.

Nick 13 of tiger army on the beauty of keeping their fans guessing

Pat King 0. Caribbean Life.

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This just happened to be influenced by early 60s rock and roll and some of those influences that have always been a part of punk, but I was exploring in different ways… There are so many things that I love and enjoy. This kind of rank and file attitude can get to Nick 13 on occasion.

If I wanted to do the solo project, I would do the solo project. About the Author.

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It was because I wanted to be doing that. For example, doing the solo record years ago was a left turn for me. View all jobs….

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As for right now, Nick13 is enjoying this lineup of the band and is more excited than ever to be out on the road spreading the Rock and Roll gospel of Tiger Army. Needless to say, it through some fans for a loop while others welcomed the record as a deeply rewarding move from the gifted songwriter.

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New York. We play some of the new songs live and people seem to enjoy that.

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