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The Fields of Justice have become a neutral zone for the volatile world of Runeterra. Nations send their best and brightest to test one another in feats of strength and cunning, criminals seek both redemption and new prey, and the bold and brave seek riches and glory competing in the most popular sport in the world; the League of Legends.

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The branch he was balancing on bent only lightly beneath his weight. Wukong slowly swayed from one side to the other, barely able to restrain his excitement. There was no bigger fun than seeing a worthy opponent bested! Just then, Kennen stopped

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Your neighbours Irelia and Syndra inform you that they've no heating to speak of, so being the good neighbour you are, you invite them in to warm up After the battle in the mines, Hiro resolves to understand Zero Two better, with the consequences that arises from attempting to reach out to her earlier. A time for relaxation and rest for both Champion and Summoner alike.

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At the complete mercy of the Dark Star, she finds herself being used as a play thing for a whole host of tentacles. How will he cope and rise up to the responsibilities of a true GoD? Goku's character of naivety and pure-hearted behavior will transform within. The Next Step by Cego reviews Kai'Sa has been dating Ezreal for a while but her crippling self-doubt has been holding her back from going very far. This story is a commission! A Romantic Birthday Surprise From Nami by SmutKnight reviews Nami and her summoner have been dating for years now, but as a mermaid she lacks a lot of the 'equipment' necessary to really get intimate with him.

Lucian meets Senna in their hotel room after the successful gig of her band in Paris. Perversion In Piltover's Precinct by SmutKnight Excited to spend a night on the town, a poor decision lands you handcuffed to a chair with a displeased Caitlyn just itching to use you to vent her frustrations.

Lol fanfic lemon. is it season 4 yet?!

I basically write these stories when I procrastinate from writing an actual story. After making short work of a bandit group, she is surprised to find a woman still standing, adorned in golden plate. But an incident stops her research and she will cross her path with a lone vastaya. Finding herself befriending three Summoners, soon enough it's just them left She decides to show her thanks in a more special and intimate way. Feel the Heat Around the Corner by WaddleBuff reviews On the run from the law, Malcolm goes undercover as a lifeguard, only to find the law waiting for him in a skimpy bikini.

She just can't get enough of him and he can't get enough of her.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Can a demon fall in love? Sort: Category. M for sexual content, lemon, etc. Soraka's First Party by SmutKnight Soraka has never seemed to really 'fit in' when it came to social circles within the Summoner's Institute. Pepehands4 hide bio. Time to expand it by kicking up a basket with dirty laundry, or inhaling laughing gas, or Fic contains shameless smut, various parings, some logical and some pretty unorthodox, though no outright idiocy.

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Suffice to say things get heated after so long having to keep their affection a secret, though little do they know they're being watched Would love to hear some feedback on this one. Rated M for a reason, suggestions and reviews are greatly appreciated :D. He is happy that Senna still loves him and still has the same unending desire for him. Katarina will find out just how harsh the frozen tundra really is.

A diverging story that explore theand consequences of Hiro getting too close to Zero Two before repairing their damaged memories. Katarina discovered the truth in that phrase while watching the rendezvous between the Demacian Grand Duelist and the Hand of Noxus during an assassination. Memoir of Xayah - The lost sparrow and the lonley fox by DiscipulaAlba A young Xayah is looking for her missing tribe, her only hint is the darkness that have covered her village.

Outside of the Fields by Jerklin Kommedy reviews We have such a narrow view of our beloved champions. Luckily for you, your girlfriend Syndra knows just how to warm you up and melt your stress away. She discovered their motive while Fiora's clothes were removed and Darius was balls deep. As their semester comes to an end, Ezreal provides her with an opportunity to let him inside. With the most important match of the season coming up, putting her striker's ass on the line might be the only thing left.

Welcome to my profile! Now he has her back and no longer feels shattered and lonely. Senna reveals that she has a surprise for her husband after the party with the other band members. Lust Under The Blood Moon by SmutKnight Star Guardian Neeko and Soraka have been sneaking off to make out and touch each other for months, but under the light of the blood moon they are finally able to sneak away and have their first proper date! She could kill the treasonous duo, or just them in sex.

Karma more than most finds herself in need of some alone time, and finds no better environment to meditate in than that of a steamy sauna. Unfortunately for her, a team of five unruly Noxian Summoners have had a similar idea He hunted him because he stole his wife Senna.

Wanting to make the most of her obnoxious playstyle, Sona finds herself playing URF. Things do not go as planned however, as she finds herself League of legends sex fanfic by the entire enemy team, eager to get some payback for her lane bully playstyle. Includes oral sex. Pressured by her fellow Star Guardian's, she reluctantly attends a Pyjama party.

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She would be willing to let them go, were it not for Xayah's lack of manners. Lucian is very surprised as he finds out that the surprise is meant for both of them and involves another band member. Luckily for her, her Splendid staff skin has been announced by the Institute, just in time for her lover's birthday Shyvana, being the proud dragon that she is, has to remind the slender mage of her place. Sold off to a band of pirates to broker peace with the Dreadnova fleet, the former Star Guardian finds herself in unfamiliar albeit horny company Part two of my 'Breeding a Star Guardian' series!

Top of the League Tables by GeistLoL reviews [Smut] Coach Katarina wants to find out why her top player Akali isn't performing as well as she should be on the football pitch. Lucina, Camille, F! Robin, F! FanFiction unleash your imagination. I really love this pairing. However no one expects Nidalee to not only be a maid working part-time to finance her up and coming tea shop, but for her to be ased to the CEO.

What happens when you put four good looking guys with a french maid dressed champ on a dry spell? Not like she wasn't horny watching. If you like dominant lesbian sex, you'll love this. Sejuani found such strength attractive.

K/da plus one (league of legends au)

From her refusal to get bred, to her penchant for dominating Janna, enough was enough. Multiple one-shots, contains no Yaoi or Yuri.

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He found him, fought against him and freed his wife in the end. You get a commission. Lucky for the other band mates, Evelynn knows just how to soothe any worries they may have. Here's a bit about me.

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Very attractive. League of Legends Shipping Shorts by Tenticat reviews Leave a comment if you'd like to request a chapter or shipping. Trying her hardest to remain reformed, her mind wanders from the cruelty and violence of the arena, to other more carnal activities Breeding a Star Guardian by SmutKnight reviews A scouting mission gone wrong lands Ahri shackled to the wall of some kind of storage facility. Life With Syndra by SmutKnight reviews You've had a rough day at work, and the bitter winter night has threatened to freeze you in your tracks on the way home.

It's not the easiest making friends when you're a mute. This story is a commission.

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Perhaps Soraka can coax her into 'unwinding' while the other's sleep A Slutty Symphony by SmutKnight After a disappointing match, Sona must do her best to satisfy her summoner and his party. That's the perfect label to put on Alex, at least until something weird happens The universe and characters in this story besides OCs all belong to Riot Games.

Following a rather successful stint in the recent season, for the first time ever the mute musician has found herself invited to a party!