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I searching Law and order criminal intent fanfiction who wants walking

Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. CI Bellcurve Blowing Oneshots.

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I could have blown your head off back there. Bobby: I was trying to protect you. Bobby: And there were rules…. Alex: Rules? Bobby: This is my only way back. I mean … how else am I gonna get my shield?

How old am I: 25
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My gender: I am girl
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BA friendship repair. What Holly Said by kris x reviews Love is watching someone die Merriment ensues. Shules by Kili Boston reviews Some romantic, sorta fluffy, pieces between our favorite resident psychic and junior detective, because, dude, who doesn't see that one coming?

FanFiction unleash your imagination. D and I'm going to try and answer all ed reviews, so thanks to anyone who's reviewed Scent Memories by gorengal reviews Our sense of smell is the most powerful memory trigger we possess Logan, R.

Life Renewed by vampirediva07 reviews Briseis decides to go back to Achilles. Special Torture by ada reviews What if Bobby and Alex were already in a romantic relationship during the events of 'Slither? Pocket Size by obsessedwithstabler reviews Alex Eames is having a bad day Now or Never by hollybridgetpeppermint reviews When human and fairy admit love For one another, Then, and only then, will the Destroyer stop destroying, Then will the spell be broken, And few will remember what has transpired.

My first LOCI fiction. But Achilles was my world.

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I can't think of a titlesuggestions welcome by bloomingauthor7 reviews Okay, it's down, but I posted a little drabble for anyone who's in serious Percabeth withdrawal I know the feeling. Goodbyes by refloc reviews It was a chaste kiss. It's Deakins' pov.

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Shawn's having a bad day and it just keeps getting worse. Will he even be able to survive it?

Just a little idea that ran through my head. It was a quiet kiss.

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Now, at the conclusion of Opal Deception, all that is about to change. It may be confusing for those of you who aren't aware of the ificance of the date. Case StoryRomance. Meant for the movie version of William Wallace, not the actual man.

Law and order ci fanfiction education

Flirt by FrancescaBoscorelli reviews Alex wonders why Bobby never flirts with her. And they find that the trust has been there all along. What happened? That piece was SO funny that I cannot possibly be the only one to do a followup. Knowing the why was key to identifying the who. Fluffy, funny, a little angsty, much like a NYC cheese danish.

In the end, what's Holly's favourite flavour? First Cut is the Deepest by deliriousdancer reviews Bobby is injured on the job Sequel to Sexual Kinetics and Chanel No. More sexual tension than plot. And now, it just might destroy all of them Where was he? BA 'shippy. It'll be up ASAP.

The Last Chapter is now up. Every partnership has a turning point.

You know I suck at summaries,just read inside to find out! Goren and Eames play a little joke on Captain Deakins. Questions by immafermata reviews Drabble. Followup to The First Cut is the Deepest by deliriousdancer. This is NOT a Bobby baby story! Sweet Salvation by vdogrrl44 reviews Goren and Eames' investigation into a girl's killer le them down unknown paths when Eames goes undercover.

Law and order ci fanfiction education

Hector was my refuge. The baby in question is Nathan. It was an undemanding kiss, but it brought Holly's whole world tumbling down over her head.

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Fluffy oneshot. Shules, and some major Shawn whum.

House, M. House, L. Cuddy - Complete. What A Guy by ilex-ferox reviews A seasonal short story for British readers. Sort: Category.

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With all due credit to Eoin Colfer and Roget. BA implied.

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Hey, Sherlock! Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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If You Court this Disaster by lynne z reviews A series of posteps for the major GE episodes of season six, but set up as a sequel to my fic Mr. Monk goes to Major Case. Please read and review! Read and find out! Officer Down by InfinityStar reviews Two words that had the power to turn lives upside down Goren, A. Eames, M. Logan - Complete. Quote from MisLabled. Cheese Danish by vitt reviews Short holiday story inspired by Eames' saying to Goren, 'you owe me a danish' in one episode.

Eames - Complete.

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Eames, R. Goren - Complete. K plus for Murder She Wrote level violence and some mild language. Will that change the outcome of the war and perhaps save lives? The Courthouse by Dragon's Daughter reviews Every partnership will be tested. BA and will be 'M' later.

Bobby goren & alex eames otp

Yes, a filler scene for THAT episode. The Honeymoon by charlieboy reviews Bobby and Alex had to delay their honeymoon. Professional Relationship by Kraven Ergeist reviews Artemis and Holly have maintained a professional relationship for the majority of the series. Broken by Traci reviews Postep 'Smile'. Her Hand by NancyD1 reviews Thoughts and ideas were crowding his mind and the sensation of holding Alex's hand for that brief moment was now seared in his memory.

Betrayal by obsessedwithstabler reviews They should have known happily ever after was only for fairytales.