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I pick Good excuses for a hickey who loves henessy

Hickeys can be delightful but also embarrassing when you have to live with it for a few days.

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Well, you are at the right place because here we have some cool Hickey Excuses for you so that you can hide it from people who are surely going to ask if this is a Hickey. Nobody is going to think that the mark on your neck is cute or adorable in fact they will make you feel real embarrassed, and then you are in TROUBLE! Hickeys are difficult to hide and if they are at somewhere to be seen. You can wear high necks or scarf to protect it or use makeup on it. Maybe you have some more creative excuses so let us know in the comment section, and we will add them to the list. Get yourself created by reading these Hickey excuses and be prepared for the next time you get that passionate mark.

What is my age: I'm 37 years old
I love: Guy
Eyes: Clear green
What is my hair: Ash-blond
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
What is my body features: Thin
What I prefer to drink: Whisky
I like tattoo: None

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Thanks for bringing that up though, dick.

10 new excuses for when someone asks you about that hickey

Follow Thought Catalog. Ask literally anyone who has done too many wine shots and ended up with a hickey. This is artificial. Stop trying to ask me about my sex life!

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Oh yes, I think you did! You're in! Who do you think you are, my mom? Then I fell on the floor.

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Oh, your mom is a firewoman? And chess.

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Yeah, I play recreational neckball. Holding the baby doll by her head, he harnessed all of his anger—both from being hit with a lamp AND from being disturbed during his baby doll playtime—into one giant swing at me.

Yes, Google Maps is still fucked up.

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Yes, it is a hickey, but I just got it to protest the way hickeys are treated. What hickey? But with your neck.

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Get our newsletter every Friday! It just means my neck is cold in that one spot.

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What kind of iPhone do you even have, a 4? Was someone sucking on your cornea? You may unsubscribe at any time.

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My body is the basis for Freaky Freezies. Wait, no! You are so behind on the hottest phone news. Wait, hold on I think you have something on your eye.

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My brain can now do everything the iPhone 5 can do, but it does it just by pressing this button on my neck. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. Then I tried to hit him with my desk lamp, but I missed and hit my roommate who was playing with a baby doll at the time. The snake that lives in my ceiling bit me.

Can hickey give you cancer: find out the truth

I hit my neck on the snake on the way down. These words are for us all.

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Is this a hickey? My roommate was furious and brandished the baby doll at me, as a weapon. There is nothing on my neck.

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Like people used to do. You can take his word for it.

16 believable excuses for hickey to use in awkward moments

See you Friday. Back up! Candace Cameron performs guest sets there all the time as D. I write all the columns myself, cite sources, investigate actual news items, you know? He bit me in the leg after he fell out of the ceiling onto the floor. The Early Years of Motherhood.

Why do people give hickeys?

Just mind your business. Someone punched me… in the neck. Here is my good friend, Dick Cheney, to explain to you how there is nothing on my neck.

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