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A Little too serious save for the ending, Ms. Much to my shock and surprise, Kenan was the funniest part, His concussion riddled speech rambled at just the right pace, and did not overshadow the rest of the sketch—the oversized helmets at the end were a distant 3rd. Pretty solid open, if not a little low key—though something tells me this was meant for later in the show during dress. Kate as the Ebola victim brought some much needed energy to the open, and Bobby showing up out of nowhere made up for things.

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I mean, it kinda still is, but compared to all the shit we have to deal with in this day and age, closing a bridge down is about as scandalous as one showing an Ankle in the s. And because this show is now 5 years old, the New In Blue rule is in effect where necessary. The joke about the guitar pick creating a big splash was Cecily strong nip delightful non-sequitur, as was the timing of throwing the guitar in the lake with the first splash—those jokes ultimately saved it from being terrible.

But somehow, I think the people at 8H seemed to forget that it was May sweeps and that they only had a handful of chances left that year to be even remotely entertaining. Otherwise, yes, they were able to come up with a viable silver lining to an otherwise dark situation with this sketch.

Bullock Remember him? Not even Bobby snapping at Woody did anything to help.

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So consider this a Christmas present about 5 years, 3 months too late…. But then again, sometimes if you repeat things often enough, it winds up being funny again…That, and since Woody has been well known for advocating the polar opposite of crack, having him go on and on about another drug seemed just out of character enough so that it could work.

In all seriousness, Why wait until 40 to get the first colonoscopy done?

Naked. #see-through

Eddie Murphy comes home; and with it, a look at some of his Hidden Gems. Meanwhile, Kyle continues to improve his Live performance ability. But after watching it again for the sake of this review, the more I thought to myself that not only was my initial reaction to the sketch more of a knee-jerk than Don Knotts vs.

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One thing I know for certain, I DO need to address Maya Rudolph in the coming weeks while I still have a chance, so keep an eye out for that. Or was she so blinded by lust over a certain Update anchor that she winds up borking it again…………….

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An extra point to Taran who seems to be doing his best Colin Quinn impression, and to Kenan for toning it down a little. For a little while now, I had been teasing some sort of re-vamp of the Original S. Welcome to year 4 of the blog; and with it, a couple of changes.

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Next, Is the show just going Cecily strong nip some sort of mystery budget cut that prevents the make-up department from making people look like Matthew McConaughey? Also contributing to the enjoyment is the fact that whoever wrote this sketch took it upon themselves to write something that was actually funny for Kenan to do.

Rock was just as stilted in his cue card reading, but something about his voice makes it seem a little more inauthentic. Not unlike another highly polarizing Update team in their first year, all they needed to do was adapt to the water temperature a little, and eventually they too would get it right. Everybody involved played their parts very well—yes, even Kenan.

So with that here now is a re-configured version of 12 Holiday themed sketches that I posted 3 years ago; now in the form of an actual list. It just seems like the kind of dialogue he would say. As of press time, the show is going to remain dark until at least Mid April—not counting ly scheduled reruns. Obviously inthere are far worse things to worry about other than an infidel or two.

People do bad things, yet they still get something for Christmas? Jost was otherwise his usual, average self that wound Cecily strong nip stealing a win. On the other hand; at that point in the year, Season 40 was starting to pick up a bad habit or two from 20 years earlier; and perhaps because everybody else in those movies were probably busy doing press junkets, Woody was the only one who had spare time. What are the symptoms of an Anderlette sketch, you might ask? Well, One of the drawbacks of getting older is either conveniently forgetting or forcing myself to pretend things ever or never existed.

Oh, right…I still do this thing. Zamata—must be more fulfilling, I guess. Consider the checklist:. Also, also, there may be a few sketches in this show that I already talked about a while back—so perhaps a little extra perspective may be needed.

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So much so, that they repeat the same formula over and over so many times that……. Right this way…. Thankfully, there seems to be less of these collaborations happening on the show in recent years. I will say this though, the various euphemisms they come up with ARE somewhat unique each time.

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Stay safe everybody…but more importantly…stay sane! Loch Ness has more plausibility…. If so, good for her. Otherwise, this just continues to perpetuate the stereotype that RomComs are not only low-hanging fruit for the show to spoof, but also that RomComs are—in it of itself—highly stereotypical. But in this particular case, this one might be the most polarizing of all. The premise itself is also just OK, if not slightly confusing. Rock plays the role of a befuddled parent about as well as Rock could play him, and Jay had a couple of good throwaway lines. Not the best impression showcase—mostly because there were FAR too many of them to keep track of again, Less is Morebut still pretty effective regardless.

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Jones playing her at first…oh well, good for Uzo Aduba for showing up. Freeman—despite still doing flawless American—barely had anything to contribute other than setting the ending up. At the same time, I see all this Quarantining as a bit of a blessing in disguise—if you want it to be—the biggest blessing is that we all get a chance to be Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone episode before he breaks his glassesand use all this time in the world to catch up on some things.

Maybe it was because Woody kept on mentioning Crack over and over that the initial shock would soon be lost. Hopefully this makes both the reading and viewing experience a little more palatable as we move on from here on out.

Cecily strong

But again, this was still charming…slightly predictable, but charming. Quite honestly; Let her have a few lame romcoms under her belt for while, and then her Humble reflex will kick in just in time for her to get her much more deserved 2 nd Oscar and repeat the process again. Still though, this sketch did have all the ear-marks of becoming a recurring thing that would cater to the young people watching the show if any. The opening itself felt all over the map, but at least it was still somewhat amusing…not unlike a certain OTHER Boxing sketch from 20 years ago….

This kinda sheds light on why Woody specifically was asked to host the show even though everyone else showed up anyway—perhaps it was a budget issue; Woody costing as much as 3 one minute cameos from Bigger names? Thank god for Kate saving it at the very end by gender bending. Granted, the voice is still pretty spot on from Taran, and the bit itself is meanderingly funny, but looks are still a biggie in the grand scheme of things. So on that respect, I kinda get what they were going for. Other than that, welcome to Year 46 of SNL, and Year 5 of the blog—and in the case of both, neither one of us really knows what Cecily strong nip overall plan will be.

Sanctioned Torture Device. This is pretty much Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids. Should that Cecily strong nip in the future, nobody would blame you for changing the channel for a few minutes. But every once in a while, a sketch will pop up that have either of the above symptoms. It gives Any chance you have of giving a natural performance be diminished to 0. A weak start to the show. But hopefully you get my point.

If they ever do this one again, maybe they should try to do it with a lone white guy on the panel I. That, and—as a white guy—I might feel inadequately qualified to comment on whether or not a sketch like this can be funny for ALL Audiences…THAT being said; some parts were actually Funnier than I remember them being—the bit about Obama changing his hair, for instance. Then again, progressive drunkenness is always interesting to see.

Cecily strong

Add to that, the fact that practically everybody not on film was stumbling all over their lines more than Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford going down a flight of Stairs, and the disappointment is complete. Does the stigma of keep this one from improving? Unfortunately, this was still another show where the Good stuff was So good that it made the weaker sketches look worse by comparison.

Moving on. This was incredibly cheesy, but at least it was still somewhat amusing—like most religious gatherings. Freeman is pretty much a deer in the headlights here, Aidy is good for a quick throwaway, and Kate pulls off Gender neutrality as Keith Urban.